Health Insurance

Health insurance keeps medical costs from becoming insurmountable. There are many sources to obtain coverage from, with each having their own guidelines and criteria for eligibility. Different health insurance policies provide certain levels of coverage, so when you are considering a health insurance plan, it’s important to select one that meets your financial and medical needs.

Where Can I Get Health Insurance?

You can get health insurance through any one of these sources:

  • Federal and/or state government
  • Membership organization
  • Health insurance broker
  • Private insurance company
  • Your employer
  • Online Health Insurance Broker

Government-issued health insurance is typically reserved for medically needy, lower-income, and/or senior citizens. Medicaid and Medicare are two notable examples. Some individuals can be automatically enrolled, depending on personal circumstances.

Health insurance through membership organizations operates similarly to large group health insurance. Examples include alumni associations and unions.

Brokers work one-on-one with you to search for the best health insurance policies. Brokers have a broader perspective because they work with more than one insurance company.

As for a private insurance company, you are going directly to the source of your health insurance policy. This will involve more research, but you have the opportunity to get a firsthand look at what is available.

Employer health insurance is a common form of health insurance. Plans can be small group or large group health, depending on the number of employees your employer has. The coverage is broader and typically has a lower premium compared to other types of insurance.

Online health insurance is fast and effective, but you may be asked to reveal more information about yourself than you would if you were to get insurance elsewhere.

When Can I Get Health Insurance?

Different health insurance policies restrict enrollment to enrollment periods, which are limited to certain times during the year. Once the enrollment period has passed, you will have to wait until the next one comes. Marketplace insurance, for example, is allowing enrollment up until August 15 in 2021.

However, there are special enrollment periods for those who have a sudden change in life circumstances during any part of the year. This could be moving to a new city, getting married or divorced, having a child, or losing the policy you currently have. You may qualify for short-term insurance as well.

What Are The Costs?

With health insurance, you will have costs such as:

  • Premiums – payments you must make in order to keep your policy
  • Deductibles – amount you need to pay out-of-pocket before your coverage kicks in
  • Coinsurance – the percentage of the overall cost you pay after your insurance has paid its share
  • Copayments – predetermined payment amount you make for every appointment

These amounts vary based on the policy and the company you’ve obtained it from.

We Are The Source

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